Thema: Selling Players

Is it a good idea to sell players early on?

I'm trying to make sure that my stadium is constantly expanding. In 2 days the stadium will finish doing its first periphery expansion, and I will need another 50.000 to expand it again. In 1 week the seating expansion will finish and I will need another 50k for that.
There is no way that I can do that any time soon with the money I'm getting from sponsorships + tickets. I have 5 friendlies booked (1 on every possible day for the rest of the season) but I don't know if these will bring in the money I need. I have a player on my team whose current value is 110k - is it worth selling this guy to guarantee money for the next 2 stadium expansions?

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Re: Selling Players

You can try to sell this player, but there is no guarantee that someone will pick him up. The most teams here play in deeper leagues, so the most players on the market are from this leages, too. Just ask yourself if you would buy this player. I´ve checked out your friendlies and i think you will get the money you need with these games.

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