Thema: Collection of suggestions from new player experience

Coming up to the end of my 2nd full season playing and 3rd playoff season. Thought i'd share a few things that were a bit tricky or unintuitive to navigate and possible solutions to that end.

League selection during team creation:

It wasn't immediately obvious that different leagues were completely separate and would never interact in competition. I selected West Europe based off the division numbers, thinking that "well i should select the lowest division while i'm learning the game" and West Europe had the division 8 option. Not realising that West Europe seems to be regarded as having the most competitive and higher value teams, oops.

Displaying something like the average team strength of the entire division at the time of selection would have helped with that decision.

Friendly matches:

These were really tricky to navigate. First look at the friendly match panel offers a nearly empty page, with the only notable thing the 'challenge' button. After offering my own matches (and nobody taking them, because who would take the 28 strength friendly) it took a number of days to realise i could navigate to other people's offers by changing sort to 'open'.

Following that, i was up for promotion for the first season, so i had games for the entire playoff series. It wasn't immediately obvious that new friendly matches were also available, nor that i was missing them. Having missed them the first time, i still wasn't aware of them the second time. I managed to miss both the offseason friendlies and game 0 friendlies the first two times they came around as there was no indicator the dates had been created and matches available.

Because of how important friendly match income is at the start, I would estimate i lost between a third and a half of my total income from my first season and a half, and set back about one full stadium upgrade. It hurts.

Defaulting the friendly match page to 'open' so selectable matches are immediately visible would have helped with the initial confusion, and having an indicator somewhere that i have matches that could be scheduled would have helped avoid how many were missed.

Most obvious place feels like the home page where it shows the schedule for today/surrounding days. It already displays F-games when they're scheduled and their information, having it display "F-games @ TBA" or some other indicator instead of nothing would give a nice indicator that 'hey, there's a match and you need an opponent for this'.

Transfer market:

There's a couple of minor bugs, and options that would be nice.

After the trade deadline is reached 'Only Free Agents' is automatically selected. Except it isn't. The field is checked but the selection isn't applied, it needs to be unchecked/checked again to be actually be in effect.
Additionally, when the field is properly selected in can't be deselected (the checkbox can be unchecked but it doesn't removed the actual selection), the page needs to be reloaded if trying to unselect.

Being able to change sort by ascending/descending would be nice. Particularly when it comes to player age, i'm most interested in younger players but they get sorted to the bottom when setting the sort to age.

Team Roster:

Looking around around other people's teams and figuring out goalkeepers and core players they're using is interesting. But there's very little information on the players themselves in the roser when first clicking a team's information, and you need to click through to invidiual player profiles to see anything important. It'd great if basic player stats (age/strength/experience) were listed next to the players in the roster.