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Do players gain skill point slowly from playing games also? Or only from training?

I seem to get sometimes very occasionally skill points to players after the game has been played and not at the training time. Or do I just think that it comes at that time. And this is one thing I need to know for future goaltender trainings.

And another thing. How can I calculate the players total points to see which one is better
I get it that Strenght is the most important and Experience doesnt affect that much and form again other amount.
And when I play games my team total skill is 66.
Is there any formula on how to calculate my player skill?

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Re: Skill gain

Yes, players gain skill points during games (but not friendlies, only in league matches). Experience on the other hand can be gained in league and friendly matches (but much slower in friendlies).

To roughly find out, how good a player is, you can use this formula:

(Strength*0.6)+(Experience*0.2)+(Form*0.2)="Real strength"

So, Strength is at 60%, Experience and Form both at 20%. Or how I calculate it, 3XP are 1 strength, so you don't always have to use a calculator or an excel sheet.  The formula is not 100% accurate I believe, but it's a very good way to find out your player's "real" strength.

For faceoffs and penalty shots, the experience is more important (around 30%) compared to the form (around 10%).

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Re: Skill gain

The players gain strength points via training and games (no friendly or cup games).
Notice that high end players with more strength will develop on a slower rate than players with less strength.
Goalies and Centers will develop a little bit faster than other players in that department.

The overall skill of a player is 60% strength, 20% experience and 20% form.


Re: Skill gain

I recommend the ingame help which should be fully translated to english, too. Call your assistent on the right side by clicking on the phone on every page. Check it out, i.e. on a players profile page.

Re: Skill gain

Thank you everyone for the amazingly good answers once again. That is How I thought it would be and thanks Brice for reminding about the assistant, forgot she even existed smile

This helps me a lot when I begin the battle next season for top 6 in my division.