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I'm curious as to how player value is calculated. I ask because i'm wondering what the most cost effective method of player development is. (juniors vs. training camp vs. transfer)

Is there a formula for basic player value? I found two players, free agents, with the same age, strength, and experience, but they are valued differently. I found that strange and was wondering if there is some other category on which the value is based.


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Normally the basic player value of a free agent should be the same if strength, experience and age are equal. Maybe one of them lost a strength point due to a bad form and the basic value wasn‘t updatet since then. If you provide the player links i could give you the exact reason and check for possible bugs, too.

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Here's the example I found:


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Ok, it depends on the player progress to the next str/exp point, in this case Schneider is a bit closer to the next point, so he is a little more expensive smile

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Understood. Thank you for clarifying!