Thema: Winter Classic Season 114

I will roughly translate the new feature to english

Theme: EZM Wintergames / Winter Classics

Should be ready on friday but still little unfinished.
For now:

For the current season (114) each team has the possibility to play one home game as Wintergame / Winter Classic. Just click on the match report / game preview for an upcoming home game and click on "Play as Winter Classic" (on the middle of the screen). You can cancel the Wintergame / Winter Classic as long as the game has not yet taken place. And you can choose another game that hasnt been played yet.
Which games have been played or will be played as Winter Classic can be seen on the schedule screend with the snowflake icon.

In a Winter Classic the fans have the same interest as in Playoffs game. Suitable weather conditions are ensured to play the game and Alexis Foster and his team are also prepared very well.

The EZM Wintergames / Winter Classics are special feature for current season and are not held regularly (every season).

If there are some translation flaws please inform me and I will fix.
Remember to play the winter classic!