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If I read the help correctly with google translator I have maximum of 25 000 fans that can come to the games.

Is there possibility to destroy built seats (standing) when I have 20 000 sitting position. Or am I screwed with my earlier investments?

Is there also a cap on the money that these 25 000 fans bring as ticket income?


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It is possible to destroy seats or whatever you have built and rebuild an other categorie. but it is very expensive.
if you have 20.000 seats it's fine. standing is not necessary in EZM.

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Hey, I didnt want to open up a new thread but peripheries

If I update parking from 0 stars to 3 stars, I understood that more people are attracted to come to my stadium, can I expect on same ticket price like 10% more or 50% more interest?

And the Scoreboard works the same way?

I understood that the restaurants bring in periphery sales, others dont? Do better restaurants attract more fans also? Or is that only on periphery sales?

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That's a bit of a mistery, you'll have to wait and see, how much of a difference it'll make when the parking is built. But an important thing with the peripheries is, that when you've upgraded it to 3 stars, fans in the VIP will notice. Any peripheries below 3 are not interesting for vip-fans, so look out for more vip-seats to be filled. The scoreboard works exactly the same, it'll raise the fan interest, but nothing else. Restaurants on the other hand won't affect the attendance at all, but they'll raise your periphery sales.

Hope that was understandable, english isn't my first language. big_smile

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Hey, your english is very good. I understood it. I have statistics on excel about my every homegame (for 3rd season now) and next season I will see the change. VIP seats I dont have yet as I am finishing my seating, 900 seats missing now.

Hopefully the interest will increase on regular seats also. I am currently at around 9 500 visitors and 6-700 of those are standing, those I will demolish when I have enough interest on seats. But future will tell. I have currently scoreboard on 1 star and restaurant at 1 star as I was hoping to gather up 10 million to upgrade each to maximum asap but the salary cost is getting out of my hand big_smile

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Sturmflut93 schrieb:

The scoreboard works exactly the same, it'll raise the fan interest, but nothing else.

I'm afraid that's not true. You'll also get better offers from sponsors.

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Ah I thought we were only talking about the influences of the periphery on your attendance. What Datsjuk said is absolutely true, every upgrade to your periphery will also improve your sponsoring. big_smile

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But hey thats great news, I hope it raises well enough for me to be able to manage with the increasing salaries. But I have 8 days left on 3 star parking, after that I can see what the change is on the fan interest and the next season on sponsors.