Thema: Tactics

What I have learned about tactics are that they are like "rock paper scissors" but I would like to know what beats what and what do they mean actually.

I checked that my opponent has gotten a lot of shots to the net from close to the goal and put my defence to low as I thought it was that I defend more right in front of the net but still the opponent did all goals couple meters away from the goal.

If I use crash the net do I try to score from close range?
If I use normal what does that mean?
If I use behind the goal what does that mean? Or is this one close range?

And the defence to those
What should I use against what and how can I tell from the shot tracker what the opponent is using?

And powerplay vs penalty kill What works against what? and how can I tell what the opponent is using? I havent found any place where I could make any sense of these.

I know that no one wants to reveal exactly but some tips on how to start to learn as I have no idea where to look any clues regarding these.

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Re: Tactics


I did answer you a lot of questions, but this one I can't.
I even don't know it!
But the fact that I reached Premier Division without knowing that, helps me to believe that it is not necessary for beeing successful. wink
If you know it some day, oder if someone can tell you I'm very interested in knowing it aswell.

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