Thema: Season 94 Postseason

Well, I'm happy to have seen my Dust Ponies finish first in their division.  Things look pretty positive for the postseason!

Here's a question:  If there is a team with literally three players on its roster and another with a minimum roster but with an injury, during the regular season both teams would forfeit.  What happens in the postseason?  They can't both lose in the playoffs!


Re: Season 94 Postseason

As Division 6 is the lowest league of your region, there are no playdowns.

If this happens in league 5 or higher, both teams would be relegated to the lower division. So it´s possible for a league to loose 3 teams (another one from the second playdown matchup) and get 3 new teams in the next season, coming from a lower division.

Re: Season 94 Postseason

The teams I was discussing were in 6.02, and ranked #1 and #4.  The #1 team's injured player recovered for games two and three.

It's disappointing to have found that my opponent in the finals has lost its roster.  The wins are nice, but I'd rather have my players gain experience! Go Dust Ponies!