Thema: Player injuries

Hey, I got couple of days ago my first player injury. It was minor injury and he's out for 3 days.

How big of fluctuation there is on injuries? Can there be "fatal" injuries that end the players career?

Do I need to have extra player for each position?

How often do injuries occur? Should I expect like 1-3 every season or more or less?

How much skill I lose if I have in example extra center and my winger gets injured and I put him on the winger position?

And how much do I lose other way around if I use winger in center's position? In faceoffs for example?

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Re: Player injuries

As more or less in real life, injuries are just bad luck, so there is no limit how often you have to deal with injuries in one season.
Normally it should be around 1-3 injuries per season, but you can have one or more seasons without any injury and then there will be times where you get 3-5 in one season.

Injuries can not end the players career, but e.g. you have a player with 22 years of age he recovers faster, than a player with 36 years of age. It means younger players will have more short injuries like 2 or 3 days and older more injuries with 4-5 days.

As we play a relatively short season with just 22 gamedays in the regular season, the longest possible injury is 5 days.

You can not dress up a winger as defenceman or center, at least not yet. So you should have a bench player for each position, but most managers use just amateurs for that, so save money. If you login daily you can add backup players just in time when you need them, too. In case you do not login daily, i recommend that you have bench players for each position, they will be added to your lineup automatically if needed.

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