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Thank you everyone who cleaned my team smile Now I have improved financials and will work on a new strategy on how to build my team! I will make it to the Premier Division one day! No need for me to trade players anymore as my salary cost is now perfect for my plan!


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Hi! Devils Henchmen is in a really desperate need to sell 3-5 players from the team! You can make an offer for weaker players or buy directly!

I am in a really big trouble. I will go bankrupt in 2-3 days if no one helps me!

The reason I am going in bankrupt is that I had too optimistic ideas on the differences in money between divisions. And as I play in 2nd division I am making far less than I hoped for!

For example:
Lassi Annala - Defender
26 years old
STR: 91, EXP: 59

Luukas Pulkkinen - Defender
21 years old
STR: 91, EXP: 33

These are just 2 of my very good players!

You can either buy with money directly or offer me players for these. Hoping to get under 30 year olds and around 60-70 STR. But anything goes as I dont want to just have to kick the players.

Please help me not to lose so much money in this game! There are also wingers that I have with pretty similar stats! (under no transfer contract but will change when get offers!!!!

Only player not for sale is Joel Westman as he has Franchise contract!


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That is actually quite a good idea and to add it to a scouting, it would be like one extra day to find out that. It would limit the players you can scout and leave more room to wiggle. This player is weaker but potential is better etc.


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Yeah it is a massive change. And that compared to other team getting punished for too old line it is even bigger.

Yeah, this game is simple yet I still havent figured out the tactics and how to be able to win against similar strength teams but I hope I manage to learn that someday soon. And at the same time I am bouncing ideas around in my head what could maybe improve this game.
That improvement could be only on strength value to make it little bit smaller. but still make it significant for the teams to work more with line compatibilities like in the real hockey world. And I dont mind if this gets hammered down completely. I get the fun in thinking about what could be done smile


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Brice schrieb:

Overall it´s not a bad idea. I like the idea with the prime age and older players slowing down a bit. But I think for the most managers line chemistry should be something how well players perform with their linemates. I remember when Jagr joined the Panthers and was in a line with Huberdeau and Barkov. The two young players improved a lot, led by the experience of Jagr. So sometimes a line gets better with an older, but more experienced guy. This is the case with defenders, too. A younger defender often gets a more experienced guy to learn from him.

Yeah chemistry is one thing I am thinking of how to provide the idea to the game also. That Jagr example is excellent. There the average age with huberdeau and barkov even was around 21-23 if I remember correctly when Jagr joined. And After Jagr the line was around 26-29. And everyone performed better (even jagr). I loved that line personally smile
Thats why I thought that there would be the prime average age of the line. That example I wrote earlier is on the whole Line experience. But it could be more precise with offensive line and defence pairs. Then it would be even more precise.

Brice schrieb:

To get all these points together you must compare experience and age, maybe with a maximum value. So that a line with 2 experienced, but older players gets a boost, but a line with 5 old players slows down.

Yeah thats why the line average age would work somewhat in that situation.
Line with following players:
Center - 22         -Wingers - 35 and 35            defenders - 20 and 33
Average age would be 29. In my example this line would have 5% improvement on all players due to the average age

But line with
Center - 30             Wingers 35 and 35              Defenders          30 and 33
Average age would be 32,6 rounded to 33 they would get 5% decrease due to the line being so old.

But as you said the offensive and defensive pairing would work even better. This same formula could work on those too. Making it that every line has 2 average ages to take into consideration.

Brice schrieb:

I also thought about a maximum strength level a player could reach. Maybe 20-30 points higher than his starting value. This would be interesting for the draft, too. Currently the players stop their strength improvement at the age of 34. It would be possible that these players loose a few strenght points until their end of career.

I agree totally on the degrading when getting older. Experience increases all through life but strength gets lower during getting older. Jagr is good example he was good over 40 but he wasnt amazing anymore big_smile
Would that maximum be limited even with more focused training? Or would training increase the maximum?


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This may be only a personal problem for me but I have been having so much tough time playing similar SEF teams against teams that seem to have every player over 30. Experience shows as it should yes but I still have an idea that might make this game better. Tell me if you think I am right or wrong please.

There should be maybe performance value either on individual players or on line chemistry. I would like more the line chemistry. Line performance could have like 10% improvement if the average age of the line is 27 (NHL player prime age maybe). And it would decrease to 0% effect to 23 or 31 and go little bit negative below or over that. Let me show an example:

The line average SEF value is 75 in this example.
If the average age is 27 that line should be 82,5 (75*1,1)
And below examples on what it could be on other averages
20 69,375 (75*0,925)
21 71,25 (75*0,95)
22 73,125 (75*0,975)
23 75 (75*1)
24 76,875 (75*1,025)
25 78,75 (75*1,05)
26 80,625 (75*1,075)
27 82,5 (75*1,1)
28 80,625 (75*1,075)
29 78,75 (75*1,05)
30 76,875 (75*1,025)
31 75 (75*1)
32 73,125 (75*0,975)
33 71,25 (75*0,95)

I dont know the formulas the game is using and this is just an idea I have been having. This would take into consideration that the player even though is a superstar at young age that they will make some silly mistakes while learning. And when the player is starting to get way over their prime they usually slow down. And if one team is having the lineup averaged out to the middle the line is fast and experienced and at its prime. And older players are still good but they start to slow down.

What do you guys think? smile One thing might be that the decrease when line gets older might slow down so they would get the bonus a bit longer, but a lineup of 38 year olds shouldnt be 100% fit.

One other choice could be that even though 38 year old can be 100 str and 100 exp they might not be able to reach 100 form anymore. Their cap could be lowered down. These are just ideas and I wanted to throw them out smile


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Hey, does it matter in the World Cup that a player participating in a team is injured?
My Lassi Annala who is in the team Winland (yes on purpose) is injured and today is the finals game. Can they still play etc? Or is it forfeit?


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Thank you everyone for the amazingly good answers once again. That is How I thought it would be and thanks Brice for reminding about the assistant, forgot she even existed smile

This helps me a lot when I begin the battle next season for top 6 in my division.


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Do players gain skill point slowly from playing games also? Or only from training?

I seem to get sometimes very occasionally skill points to players after the game has been played and not at the training time. Or do I just think that it comes at that time. And this is one thing I need to know for future goaltender trainings.

And another thing. How can I calculate the players total points to see which one is better
I get it that Strenght is the most important and Experience doesnt affect that much and form again other amount.
And when I play games my team total skill is 66.
Is there any formula on how to calculate my player skill?


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Enver Skjerve
Age: 34
Strength: 90
XP: 72
2.233.886 €

On the cheapest possible price as I need money for stadium upgrades! My hall of fame player! Currently a bargain!


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That comes nowadays when starting the training. It is due to the new rule. That may sound very unfamiliar to those who dont speak german at all smile


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I will update here when I find that english translations are missing. Starting with fanshop upgrades.

And in fanshop filling
And that bist du sicher is pretty much everywhere where it asks are you sure smile For the first time I was scared what it would do big_smile


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Ok it has changed, or something. Now they have updated


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Hey, has the scouting time changed? Earlier it was on day change but today it hasnt done anythong?


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Hey, I currently have an opening for 18th either my or your home!


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Dan Mayer
Age: 32
Strength: 86
XP: 80
2.900.553 €

On the cheapest possible price as I need money for stadium upgrades! My hall of fame player!


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Hey, how big improvement does low mode give? My youth was on 95% and i put im on low improvement and he got finished? I am stunned i thought it would be at 97 or so.


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I would like to find some friends to play regular friendlies.

My team skill is around 60 now and should be there for the next 6-9 months. Stadium capacity is full.

My free gamedays:
No matter are they my homegames or yours. You can challenge me in the game or send message here and I will do the challenge for you.

Ps. I will delete the dates when they get booked smile And I am hoping to find players to have seasonal friendlies with! All gone!

Thank you all! And I managed to get friendlies with teams that I had played friendlies before. Trying to get friends to do this seasonally smile


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No worries, I realised little later that the next player I need isnt even a defender but a goalkeeper so it would have gone down to 50% anyhow smile But glad it is fixed!


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I think there might be a minor bug in the updated youth system. I had 2 defenders in the system training. The one in lower spot was on 99% and stopped for 15 days in this season. And the one on top was on development.

I forgot to stop the one in top (thats not the bug) and he arrived to my team. But so did the player who was stopped for a long time.

I didnt change it as I forgot to stop the other one, so I think there might be a minor flaw in the coding now that I can bring 2 youths to the team on same day, it may only check the first ones status when completing players?

Or other choice is that I was drunk and did something stupid smile But I dont think it was that.

But no bad harm done as they were "free" youths both.


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Again another problem with friendlies, yesterday was friendly day. I had arranged a friendly at the start of the season and it was my home friendly. I hadnt received any message of friendly being cancelled but when the game should have been played it wasnt, and last night when I opened it to see whats wrong it said the away team forfeit the game.

Its not huge money that is involved but it gives great deal of experience to the team.

How can I make sure the friendly is still on on gameday and how can this happen?


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From the end of the current transfer window (Gameday 18 Season 115) players who attend a training camp, no matter how long will be receiving "non transfer clause" for 2 seasons. The clause will be updated if the player visits the training camp again. "non transfer clause" will be 2 seasons from the day the player returns from the camp.

This update was made to stop misusing of training and to stop even cheating at some cases.

I put up a short explanation translation from the german update. So when you use training camp and see new message in there it is regarding this.


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Brice schrieb:

A bit patience is always welcome smile

Thank you very much Brice! I was worried that this channel may not be the main one you read and I am little bit too addicted to the game big_smile

Now I can see all the players again and setup the scouting of the players!


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It seems to be only on me. 2 of my opponents have replied that they see the full list.


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I have asked in the league chat in the division page but havent gotten answer, I will ask with message from all also.