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Don't worry about my request, I'm working on a few ideas myself!


I got another request yersterday, so I asked BerBAG whether he can design the logo and he tries to finish it until Saturday.


Here are some pics of real life Orangemen - maybe one of these looking like he's about to fight? … z-iEZQRoBM


That's very kind of you, thanks! Do you think you could do something with a Boston Celtics style "tough guy", but with Orange instead of Green, and a red hand instead of a shamrock?
NB: the team is called the Orangemen

These should give you some inspiration:


Some people design it theirselves on pages like
There is also a thread in german section, where you can post your wishes and some designers like me or BerBAG try to fulfil it.
Of course you can post your wishes here aswell.


Where are people getting their team logos from? Are they making them themselves from scratch or using a generator somewhere? - Forum » General Discussions » Logos » Neue Antwort verfassen

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