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I am from England and live in a small village called Stockton (hence the team name). The closest ice hockey team is the Coventry Blaze playing in the Elite League of British Hockey. I love watching hockey and have been lucky enough to catch a few games over in Canada and the US too. In fact I managed to combine a couple of games into our poor wife!!

I absolutely love the sport, but have absolutely zero playing ability, so I have to make do with "managing" rather than playing.

I am always happy to learn from and meet new people so pop in to the club and say hi!

All the best


I'm from Italy - I know, not the best known Hockey-country, but well, I enjoy this game, too.


Hello, I am from Finland and really loving this game, life long hockey fan so that helps a lot.

Around 6 months into this game and finally starting to have a competitive team to try to get to the playoffs. I cant wait to be able to hit the higher division to see more challenge.

6th division in nordic league is quite uneven which makes things little bit more boring. But it is what it is smile


I am from Sweden, just found this and joined. Looks incredibly fun (or that could be because my team did well my first season).


I am from Austria! ♫



I come from Northern Ireland originally but now live in London most of the time. There are no hockey teams in London that play in an arena or the top league in the UK (the Elite Ice Hockey League), although my home town team (the Belfast Giants) do - planning a couple of away trips to nearby cities to see them this season!
This game looks pretty awesome, and just what I have been looking for! Just wish they had the UK as a country wink


My family and I are from Bavaria but transformed 4 years ago to German Kiwis and living now in Auckland.

The kids play here in Junior Peewee Grade and myself in a SNC league.




I'm from Syracuse, NY, following the Crunch, our local AHL club.  Lots of our former players are doing well in Tampa Bay!


Really nice to have now an english area in the forum!!! Welcome to all international players! Can I just ask where you guys are from? smile

To me, I live right now in the lovely country Canada, but I lived for a long time in Germany... wink

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