Re: Getting things started

SuicideOG schrieb:

Hey, earlier on this page there is a guide that you should expand your stadium to 0 / 20 000 / 5000
Meaning 0 standing places
20 000 seats
5 000 VIP seats. If I have "made the mistake" of building standing sections can I demolish those after they are ready or what?

How much money do I lose long term if I have made standing places and have to live with those? Tens of thousands per season?

Hey. You need to have the 5000 VIP's. The 20'000 seats however are not something players agree on 100%. Most, including me, have 20'000 but some, also including Brice (the admin) don't have 20'000 seats. In his particular case, he has 1000 standing places and it didn't stop him from being pretty successful and even winning a title in the Premier Division.

To summarize, I think it depends on how many standing places you have. Of course you can always replace them with seats but I wouldn't do so until you have all 25'000 places.

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