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Hey, I currently have an opening for 18th either my or your home!


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Dan Mayer
Age: 32
Strength: 86
XP: 80
2.900.553 €

On the cheapest possible price as I need money for stadium upgrades! My hall of fame player!


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Hey, how big improvement does low mode give? My youth was on 95% and i put im on low improvement and he got finished? I am stunned i thought it would be at 97 or so.


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I would like to find some friends to play regular friendlies.

My team skill is around 60 now and should be there for the next 6-9 months. Stadium capacity is full.

My free gamedays:
No matter are they my homegames or yours. You can challenge me in the game or send message here and I will do the challenge for you.

Ps. I will delete the dates when they get booked smile And I am hoping to find players to have seasonal friendlies with! All gone!

Thank you all! And I managed to get friendlies with teams that I had played friendlies before. Trying to get friends to do this seasonally smile


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No worries, I realised little later that the next player I need isnt even a defender but a goalkeeper so it would have gone down to 50% anyhow smile But glad it is fixed!


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I think there might be a minor bug in the updated youth system. I had 2 defenders in the system training. The one in lower spot was on 99% and stopped for 15 days in this season. And the one on top was on development.

I forgot to stop the one in top (thats not the bug) and he arrived to my team. But so did the player who was stopped for a long time.

I didnt change it as I forgot to stop the other one, so I think there might be a minor flaw in the coding now that I can bring 2 youths to the team on same day, it may only check the first ones status when completing players?

Or other choice is that I was drunk and did something stupid smile But I dont think it was that.

But no bad harm done as they were "free" youths both.


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Again another problem with friendlies, yesterday was friendly day. I had arranged a friendly at the start of the season and it was my home friendly. I hadnt received any message of friendly being cancelled but when the game should have been played it wasnt, and last night when I opened it to see whats wrong it said the away team forfeit the game.

Its not huge money that is involved but it gives great deal of experience to the team.

How can I make sure the friendly is still on on gameday and how can this happen?


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From the end of the current transfer window (Gameday 18 Season 115) players who attend a training camp, no matter how long will be receiving "non transfer clause" for 2 seasons. The clause will be updated if the player visits the training camp again. "non transfer clause" will be 2 seasons from the day the player returns from the camp.

This update was made to stop misusing of training and to stop even cheating at some cases.

I put up a short explanation translation from the german update. So when you use training camp and see new message in there it is regarding this.


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Brice schrieb:

A bit patience is always welcome smile

Thank you very much Brice! I was worried that this channel may not be the main one you read and I am little bit too addicted to the game big_smile

Now I can see all the players again and setup the scouting of the players!


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It seems to be only on me. 2 of my opponents have replied that they see the full list.


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I have asked in the league chat in the division page but havent gotten answer, I will ask with message from all also.


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Just wanted to let you know that after day change I got the information on the players I scouted, but not more players appeared. Still only 6 players that I can draft.

This can actually harm my team development as I have been improving my team through draft and scouting lot of players. Where should I post this information to get it to game developers attention?


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What should I do with the draft now? I am most likely 4th in the league after the season which means 8th in draft. there are only 6 players to scout. How can I know if I can actually get anyone of these? And will there be a fix for this issue? It seems that it may be only for me that this shows.


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Thank you, the funny part is that I have looked at it in there and said thats awesome if I could put it in the forums but didnt understand there are the links below. Now it seems to be there smile


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I had quite a lot longer list in the draft before that. I think it was complete in length. I havent had that in earlier and I have done it the same way. And yeah I tried Ctrl F5 also but didnt help, forgot to mention it.


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Thank you for your answer, it helped me a lot!
Sorry for the following offtopic: Can you tell me how did you do that signature with your team information? smile


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When the day started I logged in around noon (gmt+2) and went to draft to check it is on before I pay for scout. I then decided the fastest way to find scouts is to click on the binoculars and then it said I dont have scout level and had the link to scouts and I opened the scout tab and upgraded scouts.

There is the explanation how I got to the bug. and if image doesnt show I only see 6 players on the draft page. Doesnt help if I log out and log in

Now that I go back to draft page I only see couple of players. Image below


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Im just wondering, i am in 6th division and currently 4th best team. Most of the weaker ones are like 10-15 total skill point lower, does that affect my experience gain from games?

Or is it the progress no matter of the opponent?


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I will roughly translate the new feature to english

Theme: EZM Wintergames / Winter Classics

Should be ready on friday but still little unfinished.
For now:

For the current season (114) each team has the possibility to play one home game as Wintergame / Winter Classic. Just click on the match report / game preview for an upcoming home game and click on "Play as Winter Classic" (on the middle of the screen). You can cancel the Wintergame / Winter Classic as long as the game has not yet taken place. And you can choose another game that hasnt been played yet.
Which games have been played or will be played as Winter Classic can be seen on the schedule screend with the snowflake icon.

In a Winter Classic the fans have the same interest as in Playoffs game. Suitable weather conditions are ensured to play the game and Alexis Foster and his team are also prepared very well.

The EZM Wintergames / Winter Classics are special feature for current season and are not held regularly (every season).

If there are some translation flaws please inform me and I will fix.
Remember to play the winter classic!


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But hey thats great news, I hope it raises well enough for me to be able to manage with the increasing salaries. But I have 8 days left on 3 star parking, after that I can see what the change is on the fan interest and the next season on sponsors.


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Hey, your english is very good. I understood it. I have statistics on excel about my every homegame (for 3rd season now) and next season I will see the change. VIP seats I dont have yet as I am finishing my seating, 900 seats missing now.

Hopefully the interest will increase on regular seats also. I am currently at around 9 500 visitors and 6-700 of those are standing, those I will demolish when I have enough interest on seats. But future will tell. I have currently scoreboard on 1 star and restaurant at 1 star as I was hoping to gather up 10 million to upgrade each to maximum asap but the salary cost is getting out of my hand big_smile


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Hey, I didnt want to open up a new thread but peripheries

If I update parking from 0 stars to 3 stars, I understood that more people are attracted to come to my stadium, can I expect on same ticket price like 10% more or 50% more interest?

And the Scoreboard works the same way?

I understood that the restaurants bring in periphery sales, others dont? Do better restaurants attract more fans also? Or is that only on periphery sales?


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And from experience I can tell that at least in nordic league ~50 skill player is around 800 000 - 1 200 000 as far as I have drafted those. And they require a lot of cash as salaries.

I have been playing for ~6-7 months now and I am currently struggling with the salaries and I have 2 great young draftees.

Still trying to figure out the best way to start the game when thinking of stadium expansions and peripheral and salaries + training.  It takes a lot of money to do everything big_smile


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Hello, I am from Finland and really loving this game, life long hockey fan so that helps a lot.

Around 6 months into this game and finally starting to have a competitive team to try to get to the playoffs. I cant wait to be able to hit the higher division to see more challenge.

6th division in nordic league is quite uneven which makes things little bit more boring. But it is what it is smile


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Thank you for this very good answer! That explained a lot and now I know that and will be prepared for round 2 (next season)

Does the draftable list appear when new season begins? So I can start it then. And isnt it so that I can start paying for scouts on 1st day of the season and when I dont need for drafting them anymore that season I can downgrade back to level 1 saving money the rest of the season? smile