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Does a longer contract promote better performance from a player?  The only upside that I can see otherwise is the ability to stretch out a currently available pay rate over a pending increase due to strength going up.


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The teams I was discussing were in 6.02, and ranked #1 and #4.  The #1 team's injured player recovered for games two and three.

It's disappointing to have found that my opponent in the finals has lost its roster.  The wins are nice, but I'd rather have my players gain experience! Go Dust Ponies!


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Well, I'm happy to have seen my Dust Ponies finish first in their division.  Things look pretty positive for the postseason!

Here's a question:  If there is a team with literally three players on its roster and another with a minimum roster but with an injury, during the regular season both teams would forfeit.  What happens in the postseason?  They can't both lose in the playoffs!


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I kinda wonder if it messes with the numbers...  The on ice time plus penalties without a pulled goalie or power play goals adds up wrong with seven defensemen in both games that team's played that way.  The one linked above is 364:09.


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Interested - How did you choose the 0/20k/5k?  Is that a best balance of a maximum seat quantity?


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What kind of sorcery is this?

http://www.eiszeit-manager.de/buero/ind … id=1257654

His regular roster as well as his game day roster has seven defensemen and five wings.  Is this a loophole?


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tomrbg schrieb:

Maybe you want to calculate this once more wink

Turns out, MMMV.  Higher prices at higher levels throw it, and I haven't even ventured into a higher return from a higher ticket price without a sellout crowd.  Somebody punch my ticket for the failboat?


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Moving up from 6 to 5 is brutal!  I did that last season and finished 11th, ahead of another team that got shoved up with me.  Of course, this season I've dropped down to 6 again, and Wichita is all but running the show.  The worst bit for you, Craig, is that if you go from 6 to 5 to 6 to 5, next season you'll finish high in 6th, which is bad for the draft!

I've done some math and found that the mid-grade seats pay off fastest in purchases of 500.  YMMV, of course.


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Same for me.  I actually landed a really clutch player that I totally can't afford, but I figure that by the time I added the development cost and the scout price, I could have probably just scouted a comparable player without the draft at a more economically convenient time.

Well, I've got two seasons to sort out how to use the draft right...


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Dang, I actually remember that.


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I'm looking forward to the draft, currently slated for the #2 pick!  After having been promoted last season, my Dust Ponies can't hold a candle to any other team in the division, barring one.  I rested my guys up well to beat them in a matter of pride, sacrificing the #1 pick as a result.  My scout stayed busy, though, so I should get a fantastic player out of it!


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My scout's emails still only say "What"...  It's kind of funny, like I'm bothering him.  What?  What?  What?


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In the draft, what does the final 20% of scouting show?


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Unfortunately, I had a couple more things to add today.


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Looking at the shot trackers on any games I can see, the shots aren't showing up anymore.

My scout's e-mails only say "What".

For some reason, the forum thinks I should be around longer before it posts my signature with my team information and such.

Manager name: Rob Starliner
Team name: Wichata Dust Ponies


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I'm from Syracuse, NY, following the Crunch, our local AHL club.  Lots of our former players are doing well in Tampa Bay!


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Brice schrieb:

Training...  The Google translator hasn't made everything here exactly clear yet, but I'm working on it.

I´m going to translate the training help, tomorrow.

The bit that's confusing is trying to match up the help table with the practice units.  I like to think that I figured it out, but it will be great to know for sure!  Thanks.


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I figured I'd throw a few notes here for team owners in their first season.  My Wichita Dust Ponies are in their second season now.

* First season teams in your division will disappear.  You'll notice 5-0 games showing up, which is a default score when a team forfeits.  This happens for one of two reasons, and a leading reason in first season teams is that they didn't renew contracts and their players all left.  I'm no fan of winning by default, but you take your points and look forward to next season.  (The other reason a team forfeits is that they have an injured player with no backup, so they can't complete a full game day roster.)

* Buy stadium seats!  By my math, picking them up in 500s gives the fastest return on investment.  Buying in 1000s will get them to you faster, but as a fledgling team, you're broke as a joke.  Keep track of your attendance and seat prices, and you can max your take at the door.

* Don't overstock your roster.  I picked up an extra goalie, an extra defenseman, an extra center and an extra wing in case of injuries to any of them.  The third goalie was a backup for the first, with the second in training.  Either way, it's money spent for no real good reason.  You can snag a player to fill the slot easily enough from the selection of free agents.

* Don't sweat the Fanshop.  A season and a half in, and mine hasn't paid for a third of itself yet.  This seems to be more of a novelty than anything at this point.

* Lots of teams seem to play a conservative game with low physical play.  If you're getting piles of penalties and other teams aren't, chances are you need to tone down your play.  It's not fun to watch in real life, but it can be the difference in your game here.

* Look at other teams' game results for the shot tracker.  If they've gotten enough shots off, you may be able to identify their offensive or power play pattern.  Each power play and penalty kill style has a best, worst and even match - hit up Google for the details!

* There may be a team that's clobbering everybody.  The division matchups aren't always competitive, and you can wind up with a team that was demoted from last season that was trashed in the next higher level among your fellow young teams.

* Training...  The Google translator hasn't made everything here exactly clear yet, but I'm working on it.

* Friendly games...  Find a team with a LOT of seats and play them.  The take at the door gets split among the two teams.  Even if your team gets schooled, you'll still pull a lot of loot.  If you host one, you probably won't pick up a buck worth talking about - the seats for a friendly game sell at a much lower price.

There's a lot of other stuff that I'm still sorting out.  I wouldn't want to hand the whole game to you, anyway - you might be in my division someday!  Good luck!


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Hello to my fellow auslanders!


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The Wichita Dust Ponies had a great first season, reaching the final round in the playoffs to be defeated by a much stronger demoted team.  WDP got advanced, however, and is now vastly outsized in its new division.  This season's hopes are generous.

* More seating in the arena.
* Continue bringing in money.
* Grab a good player in the draft.
* Sort out the overall strategy of the game
* Finish better than last place!

Good luck, everyone!